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The Ancient Gold and Silver of Romania - exhibition at the History Museum of Targoviste

Event schedule: 1 noiembrie 2017 - 2 februarie 2018

The Dambovita County Council and the National Museum Complex - Curtea Domneasca-Targoviste in partnership with the Ministry of Culture and National Identities and the National History Museum of Romania will invite to the opening of the exhibition "THE ANCIENT SAND AND SILVER OF ROMANIA", which will be held tomorrow, November 1, 5 pm at the History Museum, Calea Domneasca Street, no. 189.

From November 1, 2017 to February 2, 2018, the National Museum Complex - Prince Valley - Targoviste will present the Dambovitean public, some of the most valuable cultural assets in the national archaeological heritage. The exhibition - Romania's ancient gold and silver - is unique in the value and historical importance of over 1,000 artifacts in precious metals. Through the exhibits, the true masterpieces of the prehistoric and ancient orphanage in the Romanian space, the visitor audience will have the opportunity to admire the evolution of precious metal processing over 6,000 years of history.

The initiative of organizing this important exhibition belonged to the National Museum of Romanian History, which in 2013, with the contribution of 32 museums in the country, including our institution, started this extraordinary project, with the desire to make it known the multitude of precious metal parts discovered by specialists in the past two centuries. The treasures from: Pietroasele - Buzau county (Closca with golden chickens), Gradistea Muncelului - Hunedoara county (Dacian bracelets), Bunesti Averesti - Vaslui county (diadema), Ostrovul Mare and Hinova - Mehedinti county, Cucuteni Baiceni - Iasi county, Agighidol - Tulcea county, Peretu - Teleorman county, Sancraieni - Harghita county, Constanta (Tomis), Histria, Harsova - Constanta county, Apahida, Cluj Someseni - Cluj county, Cugir, Blaj -

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