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Ilfov County, the smallest county in Romania, is in the Romanian Plain. In the Romania Counties monograph in 1972, the neighboring counties of Ilfov County are mentioned: Ialomita to the east, Buzau, Prahova and Dambovita to the north, Teleorman to the west and Bulgaria to the south. It is also mentioned that it covers an area of ​​8,225 sq. Km, being in the size it held then, the fifth largest in Romania. Nine years later, the fifth county of Romania as a surface was dismembered: the southwest formed Giurgiu County, the north-west side was joined to Dambovita, the northeastern part was passed to Ialomita and the part The southeast was part of the new Calarasi county. The communes surrounding the capital area were subordinated to the Municipality of Bucharest under the name of the Ilfov Agricultural Sector. In 1997, Law no. 50/97 reopened Ilfov County, within the former Ilfov Agricultural Sector, also taking it out of the tutelage of Bucharest

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