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Caras-Severin is a county in the Banat region of Romania, which resides in the industrial town of Resita. Located in the southwestern part of Romania, the Caras-Severin county has an area of ​​8514 km² (3.6% of the country's surface, it is the third largest in the counties of the country) and comprises 2 municipalities, 6 cities, 69 Common and a total of 287 villages. Geographically, in the Caras-Severin county there are all three classic stages, but predominantly the mountainous relief that occupies 65% of the territory, being represented by the Banat Mountains, Tarcu Mountains, Godeanu Mountains And the Cerna Mountains. That is why it can be considered as a mountainous county. The mountainous relief rises in altitude from west to east, culminating in the Godean Mountains, with their heights of 1600-2200 m, rising far above the southern part of the Poiana Rusca Mountains and the Semenic, Almaj, Locvei, Aninei and Dognecei Mountains, Which have heights between 600 and 1400 m.

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