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Maramureş County is located in the north of the country, being delimited by the counties of Satu-Mare, Sălaj, Cluj, Bistriţa-Năsăud and Suceava, respectively, to the north being bounded by the border with Ukraine, with an area of ​​6.215 km² (2.6% Of the country's surface) and a varied relief as morphologically and geologically complex. The mountainous area of ​​the Eastern Carpathians is 43%, the hill area (hills, plateaus and plateaus) about 30% and the low (depressions, meadows and terraces) the remaining 27% of the county's surface. The main mountainous units are: Rodna Mountains (the highest), Maramures Mountains and Ignis-Gutâi-Ţibleş volcano chain. The hydrographic network is represented by the main evil: Tisa, Vişeu, Iza, Lăpuş and Someş.

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Baia Mare - 6 attractions

Baia Mare

Baia Sprie - 2 attractions

Baia Sprie

Borsa - 0 attractions


Cavnic - 1 attractions


Dragomiresti - 2 attractions


Seini - 0 attractions


Sighetu Marmatiei - 4 attractions

Sighetu Marmatiei

Somcuta Mare - 0 attractions

Somcuta Mare

Tautii-Magheraus - 0 attractions


Targu Lapus - 0 attractions

Targu Lapus

Ulmeni - 0 attractions


Viseu de Sus - 0 attractions

Viseu de Sus