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Olt is a county in the Oltenia (west of the Olt river, formerly Romanati county) and Muntenia (east of the Olt river) in south-west Romania. The county seat is the municipality of Slatina. Olt County is located in the southern part of the country, on the lower course of the river that gave it its name and belongs to the category of counties bordering the Danube River. Through the Danube port Corabia has an exit to the Black Sea. The total area of ​​5,498 sq. Km, representing 2.3% of the country's territory, places the county on the 22nd place in Romania as a surface. In terms of population, the county ranks 18th with 489,274 inhabitants (2002), with a density of 89 inhabitants / km2. The climate is temperate-continental, wetter in the north and more arid in the south. The coldest point is in Caracal due to the cold currents in the East of the Romanian Plain that have its point in this area, and the hottest point is at Corabia.

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