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It is a county in the regions of Crisana and Transylvania (Partium), the sub-regions of Silvania and the country of Calata, in the north-west of Romania. It was founded in 1968 by the territorial reorganization of the former Maramures, Crisana and Cluj regions (from the districts of Cehu Silvaniei, simleul Silvaniei and Zalau). Most of the territory of today's county was part of Salaj County (interwar) and Salaj County (pre-war). The cultural, educational and economic center of the county is the city of Zalau. Salaj county is situated in the North-West part of Romania and overlaps most of the area between the Eastern Carpathians and the Apuseni Mountains, known as the Somesana Platform.

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Cehu Silvaniei - 0 attractions

Cehu Silvaniei

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Simleu Silvaniei - 0 attractions

Simleu Silvaniei

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