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Located at the east-central extremity of Romania, at the confluence of the Danube with the rivers Siret and Prut, Galati county has an area of ​​4,466 sq. Km, which represents 1.9% of the country's surface. The county includes four urban localities (the municipalities of Galati and Tecuci, the towns of Tg. Bujor and Beresti) and 56 communes comprising 180 villages. The confluence area between the Covur Plateau in the north (50% of the county's surface), the Tecuci and Covurlui plains (34%) and the Lower Siret and the Prut meadow in the south (16%), the Galati county represents a unitary physically- geographical. The main watercourses are the Danube, the Prut and the Siret, the main lakes are the 21 kmp Brates Lake and the Talabasca Lake (the meadow). The highest altitude is reached in the Hills of the Jalan: 274 m.Clima - the territory of the Galati county belongs totally to the continental climate sector.

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