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Maramures is a geographical and ethno-cultural region located on the territory of Romania and Ukraine, made up of the Maramureş Depression, located on the upper course of the Tisa Valley, and the slopes of the surrounding mountains: Oas, Gutâi, Ţibleş and Rodnei mountains to the west and south, and the Maramures to the east and north. The boundaries of the region lie between the parallel of 47 ° 33 'N and 48 ° 02' N (north latitude) and between the meridians 23 ° 15 'E and 25 ° 03' E (eastern longitude). In length, between the Hustle to the Prislop Step are about 150 km and the north-south axis up to 80 km. The South of this region now belongs to Romania, being the northeastern part of Maramures County, and the northern part of Northern Maramures is in the eastern part of Transcarpathia region of Ukraine (The districts of Hust, Rahău and Teceu).

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